Indigenous Wisdom is our Birthright

Practice sacred listening across various spiritual traditions, from very unique speakers and guides.

If you're curious how history informs the present moment. How those came before us influence our current experiences...

If you seek to heal intergenerational trauma, collective trauma and from the ongoing effects of (neo) colonialism...

If you seek relief and yearn to access deep peace within, connect with nature and your ancestors; to trust the indigenous wisdom medicine with you...


You're in the right place!

The Story of the Summit

I started formally honouring my ancestors at the beginning of this year, 2021.

On a snowy, sunny day in January in Finland, with celebratory music playing, I danced with happiness in my heart as I filled cold water into cups. I placed them, alongside precious objects of value and pictures of my grandparents, onto a white cloth on a small table in my home yoga space.

Not long after, I received a message from Spirit saying that I was going to interview various spiritual practitioners on the topic of healing trauma through the medicine of the ancestors.

Filled with questions on how this was going to manifest, I nevertheless felt a deep conviction that I must heed the call, come what may.

I am deeply humbled and honoured to present to you the fruit of my (and my ancestors) labor.

May the wisdom offered in this summit reach the ears that need to hear it.

May the healing offered in this summit reach the hearts that need a soothing balm.

May this offering be of benefit to all sentient beings, across time and space, with no exception.

Meet Aly

Aly Kravetz, AKA BronxWitch, is an eclectic, solitary Wiccan witch, tarot reader, energy healer and owner of the BronxWitch Bodega- an online shop for herbal medicine. An early rebel from the christian church, Aly has been on her spiritual journey since she was 12 years old. Aly lives and serves her community in the Bronx, New York with her husband Joe and her cat Eartha Kitty.

Meet Helena

Helena Karhu is a shamanic practitioner, entrepreneur, artist, and a mother of 9-year-old twins. She lives in her ancestral lands of North Karelia, in East Finland, where she is born and grown up. The Spirit of the Northern Ancestors and Nature calls her to share more about the Northern nature, original shamanic culture, and connect the archaic methods with contemporary life-world.

Meet Tevin

Grand Rising. My name is Tevin Mitchell. I come from a small Gullah Geechee community in Southeastern Georgia. I am a shadow work specialist, spiritual mentor and practitioner of the 21 divisions.

My goal in life is to make spirituality as easy and understandable to everyone I meet. I pride myself in helping people comprehend their shadow self through breaking down different avenues of blockages. It may be healing one’s inner child, connecting to your higher self and/or ancestors. My purpose is to assist others in knowing that purpose is created rather than found.

This course is closed for enrollment.

I am a Living Ancestor

Healing the seven generations that came before and the seven generations to come.

I remember not only my human ancestors, but the plant, animal, tree, mountain, river, lake, sea ancestors.

My aspiration is to take care of the seeds of greed, hatred and delusion within me. So that I can grow the seeds of love, compassion and deep reverence for the Earth, our home.

I honor my blood ancestors, African and European together. I heal what needs to be healed in my bloodline. I strengthen the good from those whose shoulders I stand on.

I pay my respects to the ancestors of the Yoga and Buddhadharma. While these ancestors are not my blood ancestors, I seek to honor them as my own.

Finally, for the old ways of the Mother continent, may your knowledge be known, loved, honoured and respected.


photo: Lars Kastilan